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Ms. Brooke Stikeleather's Homeroom

Websites to Help with Homework

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The following websites are to help the students with his or her homework and review what has been covered or what will be covered in class.
P.S. Students not all of these websites are may have fun on some of them playing games!!! Try them out and e-mail me and tell me what you think about them.

Education 4 Kids

This link will bring you to a site that is fun and contains drill games in math and language arts, including flash cards for young readers. Parents can also access reading lists of children's books classified by grade.

Discovery Kids

This website is full of fun and neat games. There are games and puzzles to help math and science. Enjoy!

Kids Search tools

The following website will help each student properly search the Internet to secure and safe sites.

Safe Surfing the Net!

This website teaches students how to properly surf the Internet. It also educates parents on what to watch out for when your child is surfing the net. I encourage all my students to complete this website and earn thier Surftificate!!!